Clinical Trial

What is Clinical Trial Volunteer Group?

Do you know what clinical trial is? It is a clinical study conducted with help of patients to examine the effectiveness (efficacy) and safety (side effects) of “candidates of medications” developed by pharmaceutical companies to receive approval as “medication” by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. General Incorporated Foundations Public Health Association, Inc. started Clinical Trial Volunteer Group as a system that pre-registers those who are interested in cooperating for clinical trials. 

How to register?

Please access the QR code below, answer a brief questionnaire and your registration is complete. If you are interested in clinical trials, wish to try new medications or to want contribute to society please join us. 

After Signing Up…

We will contact you if there are trials you can participate in and give you the explanations. Participation is completely optional. You are free to decide not to join. We might decide that you are not the candidate for the trial depending on the detailed information you give us. Thank you for your understanding. After receiving your consent, the trial will start. We will share information of trials that are currently open. Please tell your family and friends. 

It’s important to know… / Benefit and Disadvantage of Clinical Trial

Things That Help You (Benefit)
- You will receive more detailed medical evaluations and examinations. Conditions of your disease and examination results will also be explained in detail.
- You have chances to receive new treatments.
- You will contribute to society by giving birth to new medications that will treat suffering patients in the future. - Your cost of exams and treatments might be lower depending on the trial. 
Things to keep in mind (Disadvantage)
- During the trial you will need to be carefully checked to ensure there is no change in your condition, so you might have to visit the office or have examinations more often.
- You will have to carefully follow the rules such as how to take medications and have everyday life.
- There are possibilities previously unknown side effects occur. 

Clinical Trial Q&A

Q Is there compensation for joining clinical study and trial volunteer group?
A No, which please note. However, in some cases there are reimbursements for time and effort of the participant.
Q How do I add or edit my information, or withdraw from the group?
A Please submit the contact form from Public Health Association, Inc. website.
Q Can I decline a trial offer after joining the group?
A No problem. Even after participating, you can quit during the trial.
Q When do I hear from you after signing up?
A We do not always contact you. Only if you are eligible for the research, we will let you know.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions that are not listed above.

Clinical Research and Trial Volunteer Group
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